Healthy eating

The meat locker

This week, I’ve learned that those people that track you down at conferences and expos, sometimes actually do know what they are talking about and they actually do sell a good product.  I’m not a huge meat eater.  In fact, it’s pretty rare that I actually ever eat it.  So I’m so proud of myself for actually going along with the sales pitch from a gentleman that we spoke to recently at a home and garden show near Philadelphia.  The gentleman worked for a company that sells all natural, grass fed and organic beef, chicken, poultry and fish.  We received our first delivery this week that will last us the next 16 weeks.  At first I was completely overwhelmed.  Our new freezer was packed to the gills by the delivery guy.  As a vegetarian, seeing a meat locker completely full was a little unnerving.  But today, after almost a week, I can say with confidence that I am so glad we made this choice.  My kids are huge meat and vegetable eaters.  Half dad, half mom 🙂 Monday night we had grilled london broil with grilled romaine and roasted tomatoes.  I put the roasted tomatoes on Dave’s Killer Bread with ricotta.  OMG.  Heaven.  If you have not tried this bread yet, find it and stock up.  #daveskillerbread is amazing and so good for you.  Our meal was devoured.


Tonight I made asian lettuce wraps with the all natural, all white meat turkey.  Again…Gone.  Even I had one.   


I’m headed to Houston for a few days so I have to come up with a menu for the hubs while I’m gone, but luckily I can truly shop right in my freezer.  Very cool.