Saying goodbye to my extra set of hands

Today is my mother’s last day with us until May.  😦 I can’t tell you how nice it is to have an extra set of hands around for the weekend.  It is so nice to be able to just run to the store if you need to or take an extra long hot shower without a little being knocking on the door running into the shower with you. We spent the day at at a local mall where they have the best little indoor playground.  The weather looked stellar today but good grief was it still cold.  So we opted to stay inside.  After running around for a few hours and riding the merry go round, we had lunch, bought some new shoes and then decided the kiddos needed a rest and headed home.  We try to always have a crab feast for dinner when my mom is in town.  It is her favorite food by far.  So in keeping with tradition, we made a few pounds of crablegs only to find out that I am raising a serious foodie-child.  My daughter housed half of them I swear.  I love the fact that she loves the foods we eat.  (Last week she ate two huge pieces of sockeye salmon.)  She had a blast cracking it alongside my mother. It made for some wonderful memories

What an awesome weekend.  Can’t wait until she comes back again!


maty crab

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Laugh til it hurts

Yesterday was one of those days where I laughed so much that my face hurt by the end of the day.  I am fortunate to have my mother staying with us for a few days which translates into some much needed husband/wife time.  We ventured downtown with Carter’s brother and sister in law, Bake and Betsy and Carter’s mom and dad, to dine at The Oyster House and partake in their “Dump Dinner”.  What a fantastic time!!  Lobster, clams, mussels, kale and plenty of laughter and wine.  It was one of those days you wish would come around more often.  One of those days where the kids were happy, the hubs and I were happy and everyone’s faces hurt from smiling and laughing.

  photo 3