Friday Fix

I love shoes. Period. If there is one purchase that I can continually go to that makes a bad day better, a new pair of pants fit perfectly or bring out the colors of a new necklace, it is shoes. Ugh, I just love them. #shoeaddict
Heck, now that I have a daughter, I’m starting to live vicariously through her shoes. She got the Hunter pink boots I wanted. Luckily gal there.
About a month ago, I broke two bones in my foot. While they have healed well, I had to wear shoes that I don’t normally gravitate toward. I’m a heel gal. Heels on sandals, open toe heels, pumps etc. (insert voice from the Forrest Gump movie when he is talking about shrimp dishes).
I’m 5’6 so I’m taller than the average bear but still not what I consider tall, so maybe shoes give me that extra lift to my body and mind. But having a broken foot changes all of that. Yes, I did try to squeeze my stump into a pair of pumps about a week later. HUGE MISTAKE. I think I nearly passed out from the pain. Fashion over function right? Well, the last month it has been more function over fashion.
I’ve been browsing some shoe sites this week while traveling and these are some of the beauties I’d love to have satiate my shoe fix for the week.
Have a great weekend!

silver bow flats


Neutral flats


Pretty Blue flats


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